Baby alpaca the softest fiber in the world.

baby alpaca

Baby alpaca fashion. High quality baby alpaca products from Peru

The first shearing of an alpaca is called baby alpaca, it is simply the softest fiber in the world

The first shearing of an alpaca is called baby alpaca, it is simply the softest fiber in the world. Its durability and lightweight structure are unparalleled. Classic, elegant, and luxurious.

Baby alpaca is the most prestigious fibre in the world - it is warmer than wool, but has a soft feel like silk.

Baby Alpaca is the finest wool offering a large variety of natural colours. Baby alpaca comes in up to 22 natural colours - some alpaca farmers speak even about up to 66 colours shades.

Baby alpaca wool is not from a baby alpaca.

There is some confusion out there about the word 'baby alpaca'. It is not a description of the age of the alpaca itself, rather a term that describes the finess of the alpaca wool (see below).

There are three main categories to classify the finess of alpaca wool.

1. Royal baby alpaca wool. The only natural colours available in Royal baby alpaca wool quality is white. This is due to the demand of highstreet fashion industry, demanding white fibres which are easier to dye and coloured on demand. This is practial, but not very environmental friendly, most dyes are harsh and damaging for the environment.

2. Baby Alpaca wool. Baby alpaca wool is available in all natural colours, the alpaca stands on the field. From black, to dark grey, silver grey, brown, beige and white - just to name a few. The variety of colours

in the alpaca makes the alpaca unique among other fine fibres. However, due to high demand for white alpaca wool, colours are endangered to be extinct. This is another good reason to use only natural alpaca knitting yarn.

3. Super fine Alpaca wool. Super fine alpaca wool is often been confused with super fine merino - which is the top quality. But superfine alpaca is the lowest grade of alpaca wool.

Alpaca yarns classification

Royal Baby Alpaca = 18 Micron

Baby Alpaca = 18 - 21 Micron

Super fine Alpaca = 21 - 25 Micron

baby alpaca